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ENG 399: Schedule

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Weekly Overview


Weeks   Major Assignments  Optional Projects Opportunities
May 23 - May 29  Read Mediactive Introduction & Chapters 1-4 

Lead course discussion

Live blogging

May 30 - June 5  Finish Mediactive 

Lead course discussion

Live blogging

June 6 - June 12  Read Newsgames 

Lead course discussion

Live blogging

Upload slidecast

June 13 - June 19  Article research; Initial webzine design 

Serve as editor

Live blogging

Media provider

June 20 - June 26 

Article workshop and editing; Webzine production 

Article Uploaded 6/20

Serve as editor

Live blogging

Media Provider

June 27 - July 1 

Article publication; Webzine publication and promotion 

Revised Article Uploaded 6/27

Serve as editor

Upload video

Upload game proposal

Social media promotion






Daily Schedule


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